Blessing the Nation: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 17-22 March 2017

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Pastor Daniel Hendrata and Pastor Debby Catharina were back to bless the nation of Malaysia. On the 17th to the 22nd of March 2017, they were ministering in a few places. Since it was during school term break, they also brought their son, James Richard Hendrata along in this trip.


The day they arrived, they immediately ministered at Petaling Jaya. The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Malaysia was throwing an Evangelistic Banquet, and Pastor Daniel Hendrata was invited to share the Word. It was a privilege to be connected to FGBMFI Malaysia.


The next day, on the 18th of March 2017, both Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby were giving Guard Your Family seminar. Working together with High Praise Ministries, at Subang Jaya, it was a great opportunity to equip husband and wife couples there. At the end of the sessions, there was Q and A session, and it was interesting for the pastors to be able to do some problem solving with the group.


Right after the Guard Your Family seminar, Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby continued to give mini-seminar to the young people of FGCC on “How to Find the Right Partner.” The congregation was mostly Indonesian college students, some were young professionals, and only a few already have family on their own. So this topic really spoke to them personally. Then, there was also Q and A session, and it turned out to be so mind-blowing, that the leaders of the church felt it was necessary to continue the session on the next day during their Sunday Service.


On Sunday morning, 19th of March 2017, Pastor Daniel was ministering at High Praise Ministries, while Pastor Debby at Harvest Community Church. After the morning service, they regrouped for lunch, and then continued to speak at FGCC in the afternoon, whereby so many vibrant young people were waiting to receive more direction from the Lord. Praise the Lord!


While in Malaysia this time, Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby got a chance to try the famous Musang King durians. They had heard of it so much, but never got a chance to taste it yet. The taste of the durians turned out to be as good as claimed by many. It’s yellow, juicy, fermented, and sweet. However, James preferred the durian popsicle, since he cannot stand the smell of durian as fruits. From ministering at the pulpits, admiring the Petronas Tower, trying the local delicacies, to meeting old and new friends in Malaysia, this trip has been very memorable and fruitful to Pastor Daniel and his family.

May God bless the seed that has been planted here, make it grow, and produce much fruit in the lives of the people. God bless Malaysia!

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