Anugrah Congress 2 Jakarta, 26-29 September 2016

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Two years have passed since the first Anugrah Congress, and on 26 – 29 September 2016, Anugrah Ministries held the second Anugrah Congress.

Daniel & Debby, Chairman Anugrah Ministries


Located at Bellezza, Permata Hijau, Jakarta, 157 servants of God who are a part of our network attended the second Anugrah Congress. They came from big cities, small cities, villages, and even remote areas. They represented 60 interdenominational churches, and consisted of pastors of the churches we have made over all across Indonesia, center leaders and teachers from Anugrah Learning Center (implementers of Adikku Sayang scholarship program), and also other servants of God included in Anugrah Network (the fourth pillar of Anugrah Ministries).


Participants Anugrah Kongress, the Servant of God from various parts of Indonesia

From the 26th until the 28th of September 2016, every night we held revival meeting, aired live streamed from Anugrah Ministries’ FaceBook fan page. The theme of the Revival Meeting is Love Revolution, taken from Hebrews 12:12 (KJV),”Wherefore, lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees.” This represents God’s desire for the second Anugrah Congress, to give relief to the burned-out servants of God at the front lines, and to strengthen them before they are sent back to do amazing works in God’s field. The Word shared by the speakers also revived their spirits to love God and others more.

Worship Night

The speakers in the revival meetings included Pastor Daniel Hendrata and Pastor Debby Catharina (Chairman and Secretary General of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation), Ev. Billy Lantang (Director of Immanuel Bookstore), Pastor Michael Chrisdion (Pastor of GBI Gibeon, Surabaya) and Pastor Dr. Ir. Yonathan Wiryohadi, M.Th (Pastor of GBI WTC, Serpong). The participants of the revival meetings were also strengthened by the testimonies and worship of Adikku Sayang Ambassadors: Danar Indra, Elvira Natali, and Christabelle Marbun, also testimonies shared by Kevin Mintaraga (Director of Bride Story) and Krisrawitno Moesalim (Businessman and Partner of Anugrah Ministries).


Online Report Training

On the mornings until the afternoons of 26-29 September, 2016, however, there were many classes and workshops meant to upgrade the skills of the participants. From Casting the Vision by Ps. Daniel Hendrata, to Spiritual aspect (Evangelism Explosion, by Mr. Henry Swabawa Tan), to Social aspect (Drug-abuse Prevention Campaign, by Ev. Benny Pattinasarany), to Leadership aspect (by Mr. Ronny Soeprajogi), to Finance aspect (by Mr. Wahyu Edhy Sutran), to Small Enterprise aspect (by Ps. Melasari), and to Agricultural aspect (by Mr. Henry Kurniadi Pramita Abadi and Ps. Arif Sugiyanto S.Th). There was also very encouraging testimony from Mr. Robert Soeharsono, Board of Anugrah Ministries. In this moment, the Anugrah team specifically held training for photo/videography, and for the use of CRM, or Computer Relationship Management, which will be very useful to help ease the reporting system in Anugrah Ministries.


Online Report Training

The second Anugrah Congress was closed with the giving of eight smart phones to the center leaders whose Anugrah Learning Center has achieved the two star criteria. Also two laptops were given to the District Leaders of Nias, and of Northern Sumatra, to ease the online reporting system, from every center to Anugrah Ministries headquarter, and then to be relayed to the partners and sponsors. We expect and hope that after the second Anugrah Congress, we can further develop Anugrah Network, so in the future these areas can be self sufficient and independent.


Smartphone Gift for ALC (Anugrah Learning Center) Leader

Let us, together, be a blessing and serve this generation, so that each of us can play our role in building the Nation of Indonesia. God Bless!


Laptop Gifts to Distrik Leader of ALC (Anugrah Learning Center)



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