Mutiara Kristy Rantung

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Gender : Female

Age : 8

Birthday : November 20, 2005

Grade : 3

Parents Name : Mr. Henry B Rantung

Location : Kotamobagu

Parents Profession : Self Employed

School : SD Katholik Christi Regis Kotamobagu

Dream Goal : Police Woman



Every morning, I wake up to pray and give thanks to God, and then I take shower in the morning, get ready for school, and have breakfast, then I go to school and say my permission to leave to my parents. We study and learn many things in school until about 11:30AM.

As I get home, I give my greeting to my parents, change clothes, have lunch, and then helped to clear the dining table. After that I take a nap. After I wake up from my nap, I play with my friends, then take afternoon showers, study, do homeworks, and have dinner together. Then, I go to sleep, but before going off to bed, I take the time to pray first.

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