GoodNews 319 – Pursuing Dream

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In the episode GoodNews Program “Pursuing Dream” we will bring the viewers testimony of two young people who have a dream and succeeded in realizing his dream. The first is Mac Harmon, Canadian teenager is already a video blogger since 2012 when it was still 13 years old. Currently on her YouTube subscribers reached 43,500 people with video watched by 5,000 viewers per day. Not only that he is also a model and dancer who is very popular among today’s in teenagers world.

The second guest speaker was Kayla Alexia Wisastro, although it was 14 years old but she had an impact for others. Kayla is Vloger and has a Youtube channel Weekly by Kay. Which are interesting is from one of the uploaded videos Kayla turned out a real impact in the lives of her subscriber so that the person cancel his intention to commit suicide.

Intrigued by the story and their testimony? Let’s watch the whole story in GoodNews Program.

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