GoodNews Epsd 263 – What’s Comming in 2015

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2014. Many extraordinary events that occurred in this year. Further challenges have been passed then also many promise of God that has been achieved. At the end of this year we need God’s wisdom to draw up any plans in welcoming the coming year.

In Good News today we will discuss the particulars of the “What’s Coming in 2015”. Our guest speaker in this episode is the one who has the vision to bring news of the gospel to every person who had never heard about Jesus. He is the director of World Impact Bible Institute (Wibi) Indonesia. The place to train and equip all believers in Indonesia to be a witness for the name of Jesus in their daily lives.

He loved working with the young generation. Until now it has reached up to 1000 young people. Not only that he also has served in various ways outreach such as radio, television, and even the prison ministry outreach for the prostitutes.

Shortly will be present in our midst Susan Joy Hoover. Only in Good News Program


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