Novita Jili Pontoh

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Gender : Female

Age : 12

Birthday : November 23, 2001

Grade : 7

Parents Name : Mrs. Liske Adnan

Location : Tanah Merah

Parents Profession : Housewife

School : SMPN 121

Dream Goal : Gospel Singer & Pastor


Brief Description:

In the morning, I wake up at five and I get up and wash my face, but before that I pray first. Then at 05:30 I sweep the floor, after that I watch TV at 6:00, then I go straight to the church to have my morning egg and milk. After returning from my church home and I watch TV at 6:45, then after that I look after my parents’ shop at 8.30. After that I go take shower to get ready for school at 11:00. After that I go to school with my friend at 11:30. Then I come home after school at 18:10, and then I take shower and have my dinner. After that I study at 18:45, then at 19:00 I look after my parents’ shop again. I was watching TV at 20:30 and then at 9 PM I go to sleep.


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