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Last year when we built Pondok Kasih Anugrah in Uetuwu, Central Sulawesi, we knew that the Lord wanted us to adopt this village. But it came to us so suddenly when a group of young people (Casey Puppet Ministry) approached and explained to us that they had a burden for indigenous hard-to-reach tribe. Further they explained that they were planning to generate future funds and partner with us to build a school building for these unreached group of people. Right then, the Holy Spirit gave us a conviction that this is the divine appointment to build the school building in Uetuwu.

Finally the appointed day had arrived that Ps. Daniel and his team had to embark in 107 hours of journey (almost 5 days) to Uetuwu and back to Jakarta by flight,car,motorcycle and trekking for 10 hours though jungle and mountainous area. The journey was hard and very energy consuming.It all happened because the helicopter that used to be the means of transportation was no longer available due to technical problems. However, it was a rewarding life-changing journey.

When the stone was placed in the ground-breaking ceremony, Ps. Daniel mentioned that education is the way to change people’s life and future. Illiteracy has made people to become foolish and uncivilized. Therefore, when the school is built, the children of Wana ethnic group will have an opportunity to become equal with the children of the city. Here not only will we teach them to read and write, but also to reach for their future and dreams through knowing Christ as their Lord and savior.

We also use this opportunity to furnish our Boarding Home in Uetuwu. We brought mattresses for the students and teachers, cooking pots and pans, plates, utensils, medical supplies, clothing, and used toys. When the city children did not want most of these toys anymore, we can see how the eyes of the Wana children spark with joy to receive such blessings. Thank you  for the toy.

We believe this is a fertile ground, and if you are called to partner with us for the same cause, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Still remember the school that we are building in Uetuwu, Central Sulawesi? This is going to be the first educational institution that Anugrah Ministries will directly manage: SD Anugrah. So far the progress is good though we had some set back here and there, due to the hard-to-reach terrain and rain. Maybe you are wondering how we transport the building materials. Well, for the wood, which is the primary material, we had to do the logging ourselves. For the stone and sand, we have to mine them from the nearby river. As for cement and other materials, we have to hand carry or fly them over by a helicopter.

In addition to the new primary school building, we also thought of making over the old school building and turning it into kindergarten and teachers’ office. So, with a brave heart we combined these two projects at the same time. If you see the faces of our children there, they are so excited, happy and can’t wait to use the new classes. At this point of time we are going to do the topping off soon. If God willing, we plan to do the topping off by this mid May 2014, and we will do the inauguration of the new schools in mid July 2014, just the right timing for new academic year 2014-2015.

We are very excited for these projects. We know that this is not only going to change the destiny of the children of Wana, but it also serves as an effective mean to bring Jesus Christ into their lives. Thanks to Casey Puppet for supporting the exterior of the Primary School building. For those of you who are burdened to reach out to these children, we are inviting you to partner up with us to make sure the school building projects will be done and to help us sustain the operational of these schools. Thank you and God bless you!

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Dedication of CMO 18: Anugrah Schools in Uetuwu, 23rd-27th Feb 2015

After a long 1.5 years of building process, finally it was a big relief to us that we can accomplish this project. So many challenges happened during this period of time but we need to understand what the Word of God says in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for the good of those who love Christ. During this period of time, we started to take over the whole Uetuwu ministry operation from our previous colleague whose season after about 14 years reaching to the indigenous ethic of Wana was finally over.

From September 2013, we started to position a couple of Anugrah Ministries staff, husband and wife team, James Jamlean dan Stella Waas Hoke, as the Head Operational at our Mission Home called Pondok Kasih Anugrah (meaning: House of Love and Grace). Their primary objective was to train the children and the teachers in the ways of the Lord, and to win the heart of the local chief tribe, local government, and community of Uetuwu sub village. Then after that to continue the building process of the new school building of SD Anugrah.

The challenges that we faced in completing this project, to name few of them would be:

The lack of building materials, due to the location which is on top of a mountain that is not easily reached, then we sometimes need to fly some materials by helicopters, the rest would be CARRIED by the local people whose function would be like Sherpa or Bedouin who is very strong to carry heavy goods. This condition made the transportation cost to be about 30-35% out of the whole project.

The lack of construction workers or carpenter, the main material of this construction projects were using woods. We did not buy woods, but we made woods ourselves by chopping down some trees in the forest, and we got the local government approval for this activity. But, it is not easy to find good and right carpenters. Some of them turned out to be dishonest, and because it was very hard to control them due to the location, some of them left before finishing their commitment.

The unfriendly weather was also a problem. Since Uetuwu is located on top of a mountain, then we could get an unusual very heavy and long precipitation of rain. As a result the wood that we had to dry up under the sun took much longer process time. Not to mention, during heavy rain, this area could be totally isolated, as the rivers got flooded. And the longer the construction process, the more expensive this project became.

Wednesday, 25th February 2015 was a milestone for us and the people of Uetuwu. Students, parents, and some people who were curious to send their children to our school came to attend the Dedication Ceremony, about 80 people in total. During dedication, Ps. Daniel once again reminded them about how much God loves and cares for them. His sermon was taken from Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV) that says: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” He explained to those who came that education is the Lord’s way to help and change their children’s destiny. How the LORD even touched the heart of some organizations and individuals who were willing to share what they have because they know that God also has a great plan for the future of the children of Wana in Uetuwu. This is going to be the mark of a new beginning, where children will be given knowledge, discipline and guidance in the way of the LORD.

We also want to express our gratitude for HOPS Puppets and friends who helped us to build the structure and exterior of six classes of Anugrah Elementary School, and PT. BPR Palu Lokadana who helped us to rehabilitate the old building so we could reuse the classes as Anugrah Nursery, Kindergarten, and Teachers’ office. Also ISMILE, family of Mr. Gunawan Santoso, family of Mr. Krisrawitno Moesalim, GoodNews program viewers, and last but not least Church of Praise of Singapore, who helped us to build and set the interiors of these 9 rooms that we have. Not to forget, our sister school Raising Star Institute who help us with curriculum and teachers training. With these new facilities we are able to prepare the rooms, classes, curriculums, and teachers to be ready for the upcoming education year 2015-2016 that will start in July 2015. Thank you!!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.Nelson Mandela

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