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A dream is free of charge, so dream as big as you can. You will receive things as far as your dream; that is what the motivators say. Is it true? This is what I know.

1. It is true that a dream is free of charge. However, to make the dream come true, there is a price to pay. There is a process to be encountered, till we conquer it.

 2. You can dream, however, make sure that your dream is realistic. Make sure you do not just have “sweet dreams”.

3. Build your dreams based on your strength. However, do not limit your skills and abilities. As such, your dreams will come true. It will even happen more than what you dream, pray for or think about.

A few centuries ago, an explorer from Europe came to America because he dreamt that the roads in America were made of gold. The reality was: the roads there were not gold plated; there were in fact no asphalt.  Fortunately, he did not give up and go back to Europe. What he did was build asphalt that led to a gold mine (Sam Levenson).

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