Tommy Sihombing

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Gender : Male

Age : 15

Birthday : August 14, 1998

Grade : 9

Parents Name : Mr. Pahothon Sihombing & Mrs. Pestalina Siagian

Location : Tanah Merah

Parents Profession : Self Employed & Housewife

School : SMPN 121

Dream Goal : Shipping


Brief Description:

I wake up at 4:40 AM, at 4:45 I prepare my bed and I exercise at 4:55 to 5:30, then I take a little break. After that I take shower and then put on a uniform and go to school by walking. After school, I come home at 01:30 pm, then I have lunch at 02.00 pm. Around 2-5 PM, I play indoor soccer with my friends, then I shower at 6 PM.  At 7-9, I study and as soon as I finish, I watch TV for a bit, then at 10PM I go to sleep.

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