Esda Yemima Putri Herinanto

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Gender : Female

Age : 7

Birthday : September 26, 2005

Grade : 2

Parents Name : Daniel Ridwan Harinanto

Location : Banyumas, Sumpiuh

Parents Profession : Pastor

School : SD Negeri 1 Sumpiuh

Dream Goal : Chef



I usually wake up at five in the morning and have my devotion until six. I would then go take shower and have my breakfast (eggs and milk), and leave for school. As soon as I get home from school at eleven in the morning, if I have homeworks I would do them, if not, I take time to play with friends or take my afternoon nap. At about three in the afternoon, I go to the Anugrah Learning Centre until 17:30 PM. After that,

I have my dinner and usually before I go to sleep, I would pray with my family.

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