There will always be God’s Help

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Reading Verse: Numbers 10:1-36

My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth
Psalms 121:2

The Word of God says that our help come from the Lord, who created the heaven and earth. It means that only in Him come our help. Jesus is the Almighty God. Everything in this world is in His hands, and only from Him we will receive our help. So, in times of troubles, never give up or doubt but stay strong because Jesus is the guarantor of our lives.

Even though we don’t understand, just trust Him that He will open a way out for us. There are many ways for God to help us, which are beyond our thoughts. Have faith that as Jesus was able to help in the past, He will also be able to help us now because His power never changes.

God will also give us strength in facing every problem, and there is no problem more than we can bear. Stay strong in God in going through anything. In Him, there is always a way out, hope and certainty. Our part is to pray, try, and have faith in His power.

There is always a miracle in God because He is able to do great things. It may be impossible for men but not for God. He is able to do impossible for those who trust Him. Until today, the miracle from God is still there. So don’t be afraid or become doubtful because there is always hope and victory whenever we are with God. It is certain that He will help us; His help is not only about promises, but we can hold onto His promises, which will be fulfilled in our lives.

Although we haven’t seen the help from God yet, don’t stop praying and keep your hope in Him. His help never comes late; it is always on time. Keep waiting on His help, because those who wait will get new strength. Keep going forward, and face every problem with God, and He will give us victory. Amen.

There is always a miracle in God, because He is able to do great things

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