The Attitude In Facing Problems

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Reading Verse: Exodus 39:1-43

If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength!

Proverbs 24:10

Problems are parts of life; everyone will experience problems. When a person faces a problem, he may become doubtful, falter, and feel like giving up. When in troubles, one thing we should remember is to have the right attitude. With a positive attitude we will be able to face a problem. We need to be optimistic, in other words we should keep our spirit up and not easily give up. When we go through problems, don’t be pessimistic nor bitter because the Word of God says that if we falter in a time of trouble, how small is our strength. So we must be optimistic in order to gain strength and believe that with God we will get help, a way out and victory.

Next, have an attitude of surrender to God; surrender doesn’t mean we give up. It simply means that we admit God’s greatness and believe in His great power. Jesus is our only hope, so when we have to face the dead-end we need to surrender to Jesus alone since He is God who is able to do miracles. When we surrender to God, He will interfere to defend and help us. In any circumstances, have an attitude of surrender because God will never disappoint us in our surrender.

In addition, it is important to be calm; don’t panic, and focus on God. If we are panic, it will be difficult to see God’s power. Therefore, don’t get affected by the circumstances in order for us to be calm. As Peter walked on water, while he was looking around, he became panic then wavered. As a result Peter was drowning, but when shifted his focus to God, he wasn’t drowned.

Trials or problems that we experience are common problems, which will not exceed our ability. Thus, we must remain strong in God. Whatever our problems are, don’t be afraid, keep calm in God because He will always be with us to give help and victory for us.


Whatever our problems are, don’t be afraid, keep calm in God

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