Pessimistic and Optimistic

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Reading Verse: Genesis 50:1-26

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31

            Once there was a researcher who put two children in two different rooms. The first child was put in a colorful room filled with many toys; the second child was put in a room that was filled with the manure of a horse. Soon enough, the first child who was put in the nice room came out because he felt bored and he thought those toys were easily broken. Likewise with the second child, he came out of the room, but asking for a shovel to clean up the room as he was certain he would find a pony somewhere in the room. From this incident, we will be able to meditate about people’s point of perspective when put in different situations. An optimistic person will never give up, though he has to face many challenges, or even when he has to face troubles. He will keep on moving forward.

Those who stay optimistic will always have confidence that they will achieve victory. We also must believe that with Jesus, we will achieve our success. Meanwhile, a pessimistic person will give up easily when circumstances are not according to the desire of his heart. One’s point of perspective will determine the success that he will reach. As God’s people, we must have an optimistic point of perspective, though we are in a difficult situation. We must take action to keep on moving forward. We should not give up because of the circumstances that we face: this is one of the keys to success. Though we fail, we should not be afraid, as failure is only a process for us to achieve success. God will never let us to become losers. So, let’s have a positive point of perspective. Someone who gives up easily will have difficulties reaching for his dream and goals, because he never takes any action.

In the struggle of life, we should not have a negative point of view. We should always be optimistic and have faith in Jesus. Remember that He made us to be winners. Maybe there are many reasons that will make us give up easily or be pessimistic, but with God there are always reasons for us to move forward to reach our success as God always gives a way out for us. Therefore, regardless of our conditions today, let’s not be dismayed. Let’s live this life with God, and we shall gain success when we have an optimistic point of view.

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