His Hand Weaving our Lives

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Reading Verse: Numbers 30:1-16

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.
Isaiah 49:16

There are many variations in the journey of life; there are joy, sorrow, success, and failure. All of these are parts of our lives that we must go through. And sometimes we ask ourselves why failures or problems happen to us. Some people can face hardship, but others become discouraged and bitter. We should be strong in facing challenges or problems in life. In going through the process we should endure and not giving up. God desires us to be tough, to have patience and not to complain easily.

In difficult situations, never take shortcuts. Keep in mind that behind every problem and challenge is a beautiful thing that God will reveal in our lives. He will not give us temptation more than we can bear. We should be patient and firm. Don’t focus on a circumstance no matter how bad it is. On the other hand, we should see things from God’s perspective. He always works to bring good things to those who love Him. God will never let us experience a bad thing because He loves us more than anything. Never let us be overcome by the problems. We should be able to overcome our circumstances because in all things God is still good. We just have to believe and hope for something good. Keep believing and hoping even in hard times because He is the Lord who is reliable and the source of our help. We need to get closer to Him in order to have strength in facing problems.

The journey of life is not always beautiful, but in Jesus everything will be fine. If we are still struggling today, don’t give up. Believe that God is weaving our lives to make something beautiful. He is preparing a good thing for us, and it will be revealed in its perfect timing. One day, we will see the rainbow of His love. Amen.

Problems that happen to us are the work of God who are weaving our lives so that we may be pleasing to Him. 

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