God’s Plan Is Perfect

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Reading Verse: Exodus 19:1-25

In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:6

Since God created us, He already had a special purpose for us. He has set our steps and nothing can escape before Him. He has beautiful plans, the best for us, even though sometimes we are not aware of His great plan for us. Isaiah wrote that our plans are different from God’s plans so it is difficult for us to understand; we only need to obey. Although God’s plans are different from ours, but at least we should follow His will so in the end we will see the best plan set out for us.

God’s plan is perfect. He is our creator, and He is omniscient (all knowing) to give the best. He never plans a bad plan, so we should be grateful and always trust Jesus. For example, when we face a life process, never give up, and be strong because it never goes beyond what you can bear. When we get away from the process, it means that we lose God’s beautiful plan. Although we don’t understand God’s will in our life, keep learning to trust God’s perfect plan.

God’s plan is perfect because as human beings we often do mistakes. But He is our God who never fails in His actions and decisions. So let us follow His will so that we stay in His plans.

In order to understand God’s plan for us, we have to read and meditate on the Word of God. The contents of the Word are God’s guidance that will help us understand God’s plan in our life. Pray to God so we are guided towards His will.

When our plans don’t work out, don’t get disappointed but keep your spirit up and be grateful. In everything that happens, there is always God’s good plan for us. His plan endures forever, and it is full of peace. He will make everything beautiful in His time. Let us always be in His perfect plan throughout this life until all of God’s plans be revealed for us. Amen.


In everything that happens, there is always God’s good plan for us.

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